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BDD in Action: Behavior-Driven Development for the whole software lifecycle

 Author: John Ferguson Smart  Category: Software Design, Software Engineering  Publisher: Manning Publications  : October 12, 2014  ISBN: 9781617291654  Pages: 384  Language: English

BDD in Action┬áteaches you the Behavior-Driven Development model and shows you how to integrate it into your existing development process. First you’ll learn how to apply BDD to requirements analysis to define features that focus your development efforts on underlying business goals. Then, you’ll discover how to automate acceptance criteria and use tests to guide and report on the development process. Along the way, you’ll apply BDD principles at the coding level to write more maintainable and better documented code.

about the technology

You can’t write good software if you don’t understand what it’s supposed to do. Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) encourages teams to use conversation and concrete examples to build up a shared understanding of how an application should work and which features really matter. With an emerging body of best practices and sophisticated new tools that assist in requirement analysis and test automation, BDD has become a hot, mainstream practice.