Domain-Driven Design: The Blue Book

Describes ways to incorporate domain modeling into software development.

The blue book as is often called in DDD community, published 17 years ago still a gem for those who want to get into the DDD world. Although I suggest much short intro DDD book if you’re in a hurry, like DDD Distilled, DDD Quickly, What is DDD, where you can read in one sitting. The book talk about software design at high level and put emphasis on business domain, domain expert at the centre of software design lifecycle. The main tenet of the book is minimizing the difference between real model with software model through various concept and techniques which the author introduce in the book such as bounded context, context map, ubiquitous language.

The book certainly helpful if you’re developing business application software where there is a need to model the complexity of the domain in hand. I think this is a must read book for developer who want to honing their abstraction skill in modelling and solving real world problem.

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